About Stone Telescope

icon200x200px2-01Stone Telescope explores the depths of space and time through the lens of geology. Astronomers watch cosmic objects and events by registering the passage of their radiations, which strike the telescope at the moment of measurement. Objects farther than others are thus perceived as they were when they emitted those radiations, sometimes millions of years ago. Our astronomical records of such observations go back at least thousands of years before the construction of the great pyramids of Giza, and probably tens of thousands of years before that.

The stones of the Earth and Cosmos, however, have borne witness to cosmic events for millions of years longer than any human civilization. The passage of those cosmic happenings is preserved in chemical, geometric, and various other signals within rocks and minerals that we can study today. The rocks, therefore, represent a true document of the history of their cosmic environment. It is the purpose of Stone Telescope to study the ways a curious Humanity has learned to read the cryptic story therein.

My name is Peter Martinson. I started out as a student of astrophysics and mathematics, took a detour into political policy for a while, and have recently ended up pursuing a career in planetary geology with a concentration on igneous petrology. I am a passionate advocate of both manned and robotic space exploration, and believe that we are doomed as a species if we don’t spread through the solar system and our local galactic neighborhood. I’m also lucky to be married to a beautiful, brilliant lady.

If this is your first time to the site, I recommend you read two of my earlier posts to get a flavor of my philosophy: On Saving Life, and Kepler and Geometry. I encourage you to leave comments and take part in any ongoing discussions. Somewhere on each page (depending on your browser) is a link for you to receive email updates on new posts, as well as links to share a post with your friends and social network.

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